Each room has LAN ports through which you can connect to the internet till 1 am. Each student is allotted 10 GB data per week. Last year, WiFi was also set up in the common rooms, reception and mess area of each hostel.
No. Mess food is served only at specified times. In most hostels, it is 7-9 am for breakfast, 12-2pm for lunch and 7-9pm for dinner. Some hostels do serve snacks and tea in the evening. However, most hostels have shops right outside if you want something to munch on and there are plenty of food outlets in and around the campus for a quick bite. Some hostels have night messing facilities too.
Girls are allowed to enter only the mess and visitor’s room of any boys’ hostel till 11 pm (this time limit may vary for a few hostels). The same rules apply for boys visiting the girls’ hostel.
Sadly, No. The institute rules strictly prohibit the use of heaters/ACs/Mini Fridges in hostel rooms. However, according to a new rule, you are now allowed to use desert coolers if you can ensure its proper maintenance.
There are both semi-automatic and automatic washing machines installed in every hostel. There are also a lot of laundry services which wash and iron your clothes for a price for the lazy ones out there.
Yes. There are many guest houses in IIT (most of them attached to individual hostels) which allow visitors to stay at nominal rates on a pay per day basis. These guest houses provide basic lodging and boarding. Visitors are strictly not allowed to stay in the hostel rooms meant for students. See appendix III of the BHM constitution for more details about prices
Each hostel has a mess secretary who is responsible for all affairs concerning the mess. If you are unhappy with the quality or have any problem regarding the food being served, you can complain to the mess secretary of your hostel and he/she will look into it.
No, mess fee is collected from each resident at the beginning of each semester. You can either pay by a cheque or submit your account information in the caretaker’s office after which money will directly be deducted from your IIT SBI account. Some individual hostels may have slight variation in the fee collection procedure. Talk to your caretaker if you still have any queries.
Regular cleaning happens in all hostels where all the corridors, common areas and washrooms are cleaned atleast once a day. There is also a provision to pay a very minimal amount to get your room cleaned separately.
The daily newspapers are generally kept at the hostel reception for the residents. You can also get a personal subscription if you wish to take the newspapers upto your room to read.
Some hostels do have cycle auctions to dispose of such old cycles. You can contact your house secretary or caretaker for more details.
There are Velcro meshes attached to each hostel window to prevent insects and mosquitoes entering. Regular cleaning is done to prevent any garbage/water puddle act as a breeding place for mosquitoes. Fumigation is also done in extreme cases.
Most hostels have a complaint register kept at the reception where you can write down any such problem and it is attended to by an electrician very shortly. If you face any major issue regarding hostel maintenance, you can always talk to the maintenance secretary.
Each hostel has its own gym for fitness, a music and computer room, a library and a TV room. All the facilities in these rooms is available free of cost for all residents of the hostel.
No, everyone has to vacate their rooms completely at the end of each semester. In case you wish to retain your room during the semester breaks for some special purpose, you have to inform your caretaker well in advance and pay additional charges for the room during the vacations.
Security is of no concern at all as the IIT campus is extremely safe with plenty of guards who keep patrolling the campus. There is also a guard at each hostel gate and a receptionist on duty 24*7 to ensure complete safety.
No. All kinds of motor vehicles(cars ,bikes ,scooty etc) are prohibited in the campus. Strict action (like confiscation of hostel room) can be taken against any resident found using these for to and fro movement.